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 Opening ceremony of HuaDian Oil shale development project

    The celebration was held grandly at project construction site of Chengda Hongsheng Energy Ltd in Jinlin Province at 10:30 on May 22th.
    Attendants at the starting ceremony were: Qin guangjian, deputy director of SASAC of Liaoning Province; Zhangdehui, deputy secretary for administration of Coal Industry; Zhao zhenqi, assistant of Jilin provincial governor; Zhang xiaopei, major of Jinlin city and other related commissioned business office of Jilin City; shareholders of Liaoning Chengda and Fukuang Group; News media; representatives of construction unit and over 800 workers of Chengda Hongsheng Ltd.
    The celebration was officiated by Yang Yuchun who was the mayor of HuaDian city and welcomed note by Zhang Zhifan who was the chairman of Jilin Chengda  Hongsheng energy limited corporation. Zhang Xiaopei who was the mayor of the Jinlin city presented Municipal Party Committee and government of Jilin, expressed congratulation and released an important lecture at the celebration.
    The formal start operation of the oil shale project of Chengda Hongsheng marked the project had entered a new stage. Best wishes for our future.



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